Types of Digital Forensics


Digital forensics looks at the evidence found when investigating a digital device. Digital forensic investigations are often done when looking into computer crime and crimes in which digital devices are a key piece of evidence.

Digital Contact Information

Your address book can be a primary source of information during an investigation. They may also look at things like your digital calendar to see who you have been meeting or where you were during a specified timeframe. Things like your browser history can also provide information if you looked at things like business or destination websites, or maps of a certain area. Your backup, such as a cloud, often stores this information even if you delete it off of your device, making it easy to find.

Digital Communications

Digital forensic investigations will often look at digital communications when collecting evidence. They can find things like emails, instant messenger messages and even browser history to see who you have been communicating with. On digital devices like cellphones, investigators will look at things like call logs, voicemails and text messages to obtain information. The sites you bookmark on your browser may also provide important information.

Digital Files

When you use a digital device, there are a number of file types that are stored that can be used to retrieve evidence and information. Examples include page files, temporary files and system files. Many of these are automatically stored and you have to specifically seek out to delete them. However, even if you delete them, investigators can still often find them on your hard drive with the right investigative tools. Other examples of digital files include images, text files and video files.

Digital forensic investigations are getting more and more common in today’s digital world. With many crimes, at least one digital device was used that investigators use to extract evidence to help them build their case.


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