3 Biggest Security Threats Facing Businesses


Any executive or entrepreneur will tell you, operating a business can be hard work. From inventory to overhead, there are a million moving parts, and it’s easy to overlook some of the less obvious ones – including security. Sure, no business would forget to take basic steps like locking its doors, or putting passwords on email accounts. But is that enough? Here are a few unexpected ways your business could be at risk.

Internal Threats

Security threats to your business aren’t always on the outside. Whether it’s a rogue employee or simply a callous one, someone on your staff could be a surprising source of security threat via something as simple as emailing proprietary information. Further risks are incurred when blending businesses – either through mergers or extended partnerships. For these opportunities in particular, it’s important to hire a respected firm, Risk Control Strategies for instance, to perform due diligence research.

Event Risks

Does your business host a conference, convention or other large periodic gathering? These can be great for boosting brand image and even raising revenue. But they can also pose a surprising security risk. Improper registration management or even failure to physically secure your location can result in uninvited attendees. Just one incident can result in a lawsuit, so factor security solutions in if you host a large event.

Cyber Threats

It goes without saying that the business world has rapidly become digitized, and there are few sectors or areas of companies that haven’t been transformed. Records are kept in the cloud and even practical things like cash registers are WiFi-enabled. It’s a playground for hackers looking to steal and exploit data. A data breach can be expensive and damaging to your brand, so it’s critical that you take steps to secure your systems against cyber crime.

No business is too small or too low-profile to be concerned with proper security solutions. Consider some of these threats or invest in a security assessment to identify unique needs. Your brand will benefit greatly.


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